Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Handsome Guys!

Well, I have learned my lesson. Taking pictures before church, especially when before church is 7:30am, is not a good idea! I was so excited to see my three "little men" all dressed in suits that I just had to have a picture. The pictures didn't turn out so well, but I have to say I think we have three of the most handsome guys around! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look mom, I'm not crying!

Stock Show!

This past week was a fun one! On Thursday night Mom, Dad, Jake, and Brayden went to the boys first Rodeo. It was smelly, dusty, and tons of fun! The cotton candy may have been the boys favorite part! On Saturday Daddy took Jake and Brayden to the Stock Show with Nana and Papa. It was and adventure that dad will not soon forget! The group also included Aunt Ang, Uncle Tom, Hunter, Lily, Sophie, Tori, and Lizzie. With a group that size, I'm sure it was an adventure for everyone else at the stock show too! The petting zoo was a highlight, and for the first time ever Brayden actually did more petting than crying!

Friday, January 4, 2008

A trip to Vermillion

Logan and Mommy set out on their trip to Vermillion last Friday at around 3:00pm. After flying to Sioux City twice (never landing) and Omaha once we finally arrived in Vermillion on Saturday at around 7:00 pm. It was a long commute, but well worth it! We enjoyed spending time with Mandi, Collin, Marlee, and Nana, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of Makenna. Logan enjoyed playing with Marlee in the bath, and getting in touch with his femanine side!

After a few days, and one false alarm, we headed to the Hospital New years day to welcome little Makenna Sage into our family. She is little! Only 6lbs 6oz. Much smaller than any baby of mine! She is also a bit of a celebrity, making the radio and newspaper for being the New Years baby in Vermillion.

Nene is a proud Aunt! I kept feeling like a was going to throw her in the air because she is so tiny!

After spending the last several months thinking that Logan is so small (at least in comparison to Jake and Brayden), I suddenly felt like he was huge! We love little Makenna, and had a hard time leaving on Thursday.

a rockstar Christmas!

Jake, Brayden, and even Daddy got in on the act after each receiving a guitar from Santa. Jake and Brayden received "learning guitars", while daddy got the Guitar Hero III version. Our house may never be the same! Now Mom and Logan enjoy watching the three other boys "rock out" on a regular basis!

A Wonderful Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and fun. Christmas eve was a special time for the kids to help us all remember what Christmas is truly about. We enjoyed watching them present their own "special" rendition of the night of our Saviors birth. We were especially proud of our little Baby Jesus (Logan), who kept from crying for quite a while despite the angels and wise men that insisted on mauling him!