Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stock Show!

This past week was a fun one! On Thursday night Mom, Dad, Jake, and Brayden went to the boys first Rodeo. It was smelly, dusty, and tons of fun! The cotton candy may have been the boys favorite part! On Saturday Daddy took Jake and Brayden to the Stock Show with Nana and Papa. It was and adventure that dad will not soon forget! The group also included Aunt Ang, Uncle Tom, Hunter, Lily, Sophie, Tori, and Lizzie. With a group that size, I'm sure it was an adventure for everyone else at the stock show too! The petting zoo was a highlight, and for the first time ever Brayden actually did more petting than crying!

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Mandi said...

I am SO sad we weren't there. I bet Marlee and Bray would've had a blast together. Less than 2 months and we'll be there!!!