Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daddy turns 29

Four days after Brayden turned three, Daddy turned 29. There was no Scooby Doo party, but we did have fun. The cake was not nearly as fancy, but full of love. The boys had a great time decorating! We went to dinner with Grammy, Grampy, and Aunt Lisa.


Angie said...

Happy belated birthday from your slacker in-laws Chris!!

Mandi said...

So cute. What handsome men, and they did a great job on the cake. I'm sad I couldn't be there for either party!

Whitney said...

Happy birthday to Chris! You guys are still young, no worries. Mackay walked in the room when I was looking at this and he said, (pointing to your family birthday picture) "That kind of looks like mommy and daddy!!" Funny. And he also says he remembers Jake! Who knows about that.