Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We had a fun filled green day yesterday! As soon as Jake woke up he got himself dressed in green so that he wouldn't get pinched. He then proceeded to pinch the rest of us before we had a chance to get dressed. School was filled with leprechaun and pots of gold, and dinner was green macaroni and cheese made by daddy. Our final activity of the evening was dipping apples in chocolate that had magically turned green. The boys thought that was great! I think they each ate one apple slice before they started dipping their fingers in the chocolate. It was mayhem from that point, but a lot of fun. A nice warm bath took care of the green fingers and mustaches. I'm not sure we'll be doing that again!


Jacqui said...

How fun! It wasn't until this morning that I remember that I hadn't served anything 'unusually green' other than the green beans at dinner. So creative!

Jenn said...

you are such a fun mom!