Monday, April 21, 2008

Check out the new website!

I couldn't see my own family's blog from work (stupid NetNanny piece of junk blocks all of the addresses). So in my selfishness, I registered the domain and moved the blog there.

So whether you go through blogspot or directly to the new address, you will still find our three crazy children and the parents who love them.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Limes, mmmmmmmmmmm!

Logan has gotten very grabby in his old age (9 months). Last night we went to dinner to celebrate Grampy's 60th Birthday. We had a great time, but Logan got a bit restless. Daddy decided that it might be fun to see what Logan would do with a lime. Just like his brothers before him, he sucked on the lime, made a terrible face, and then sucked on the lime some more. We all had a nice laugh, and I was grateful that Logan only has one tooth that would lose it's enamel!


I love Spring! In Colorado, Spring comes and goes in a blink. When it comes it is the best time of the year. The kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather last week making sand castles, stomping sand castles, and having an all around good time. Logan loved watching the boys and enjoying the breeze. I only wish Spring could last a bit longer!

The Faux Hawks

When Aunt Manda was home she cut Daddy's hair to be styled in a "faux hawk", so of course Jake and Brayden decided that they needed one to. One afternoon the boys decided that everyone needed a faux hawk, and then they took it one step further. They now have a new band. Jake plays the guitar, Brayden plays they drums, Daddy sings, and Logan looks really cute. Stop by anytime, and you can catch the Faux Hawks live. Trust me, their concerts are nothing short of fauxtastic!

Silly Boys

Yes these are the days of our lives! Never a day goes by that my children don't do something that makes me crazy, but for as many times as they make me want to scream, there are two times that make me laugh. Logan keeps us laughing with his funny faces made funnier by his messy eating, and Brayden is always good for a laugh. These pictures show Brayden modeling Jakes sweat pants. They look huge I know! They are a size 6, and Brayden is a peanut!