Sunday, June 1, 2008


Jake has loved his year of Kindergarten at Antelope Ridge. One of the recent highlights was attending the Antelope Ridge Carnival. The kids had a great time bowling, jumping in bouncy houses, eating snow cones and cotton candy, and of course having their faces painted. Aunt Manda, Nana, Marlee, and Makenna came with us. We had lots of sugar, and lots of fun!


Whitney said...

That looks like fun! And I think it is perfectly fine to let little Logan's hair grow!! (I thought the "lime pictures" were darling of him:) I am also jealous of your is way too hot to grow one of those here!! I tell you guys this all time, but we STILL miss you.

Mandi said...

What cute pics. MAn, MAr loves her cousins. I don't know what she is gonna do whenb we move back to SD!