Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Babies are Growing Up!

As most of already know, Logan was born the day after Jake's fifth birthday. This year I came home from Girls Camp on Jake's sixth birthday. That meant I had a lot to do to throw a party the next day for my two little guys! I can hardly believe that Jake is six! He will start first grade on Tuesday. It seems pretty weird that he will spend more of his day at school then home with me. Logan is no longer a baby, but a rambunctious one year old. This past year has flown by! We celebrated by have a dual themed party with the fam. Jake picked Speed Racer, and I picked "swingin' safari" for Logan. Jake informed me that he wanted Daddy to make his cake, because he was better at it. Luckily Logan didn't have a say, so I got to make the Monkey cake! The party was tons of fun! Jake also got to bring a few friends for a "bouncing" good time at the play house a few days later.

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