Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two First Days of School

Wow! Did summer fly by or what?!

Jake has already been in school for over a month now, and Brayden started preschool last week. The time goes by so quickly! Jake is now a big first grader. He rides the bus to and from school, and has homework every night. Monday is his favorite school day, because the school cafeteria serves Domino's pizza for lunch. It is a bit strange having him gone all day every day, but he is enjoying school, and doing well.

Brayden started preschool this past Wednesday. After being excited for school all summer, he got nervous on Tuesday. He decided school wasn't for him. He got a fathers blessing Tuesday night, which seemed to help, but Wednesday morning he was still looking for excuses to stay home. He chose to take his Rockies backpack, but became convinced on the way to school that Rockies backpacks were not allowed. Once I assured him his "pack pack" was ok, he became convinced that you couldn't wear crocs to school. When I said crocs were ok, he said blue ones with fishes on them (what he was wearing) were not allowed. When we got to school he was very quiet, and I became very nervous. No phone calls from his teacher, so I returned to pick him up 2 1/2 hours later. He was all smiles, and his teacher even informed me that half way through school Brayden looked up and addressing the class asked "does anyone miss their mom, cuz I don't!" Seems Brayden will do just fine after all!


Collin said...

What a BIG boy Bray is...ok big at heart at least. Those are some good pics! What handsome men!
P.S. This is Mandi

Whitney said...

Can you believe how time flies by? Once again, your boys are too cute. And I cannot believe "little Jakey" is that old. It must be weird to not have him home most of the day... we miss you guys!

Whitney said...

Hey, um ... just tried to go back to our blog after posting the above comment and your sidebar link is um ... not us!!

We understand, you've forgotten about us already...:<)!