Thursday, October 30, 2008

so little time, so much to blog!

Wow! I have gone from having nothing to say, to having too much to say to blog all at once. We had a crazy, fun, frantic weekend last week. It was incredibly busy, but very rewarding. We are halloweenaholics! We love Halloween! We spend months preparing for Halloween. We visit every thrift store in town searching for just the right pieces to make our costumes perfect. This year we decided on vampires. The boys love the idea of being bloodsuckers! Although Halloween isn't until tomorrow, we have already gotten to dress up more than once. We attended the "Monster Mash" for Jakes school on Friday night, Then Chris and I enjoyed attending the Saunders annual Halloween party on Saturday. It is always so much fun! Chris and I flew to Utah early Sunday morning for the blessing of our Nephew Cohen Dustin Vohs. It was a crazy quick trip, but so worth it! We were exhausted when we got back Sunday night, but we wouldn't have missed it for the world! Isn't Cohen adorable?! Tonight we went to the "trunk r treat" at the church. The children came home with a boat load of candy, and we even got a few decent pictures. Scary aren't we?!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A wonderful fall Friday!

The weather has been just beautiful here in Colorado for the past several days. Nana's birthday was on Thursday, and she was lucky enough to get away from the office on Friday! We were invited for a special birthday lunch with Nana at the park. Thank you mom, for choosing subway at the park over Macaroni grill. Macaroni grill might have had better food, but I am sure everyone had more fun at the park. The cousins had a great time running around in the sunshine. The moms had a great timing sitting in the sunshine not having to entertain the kids! Happy birthday mom, you are great! Thanks for a spectacular sunny afternoon!

A little bit more Logan

Just a few more pics of my silly little man!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Isn't 1 fun?!

Sometimes I think Logan is going to make me crazy! Being 1 means getting into absolutely everything, and throwing fits about anything. Logan's favorite thing to do is wait until I am not looking, and then get into the cereal cupboard and eat some cereal while emptying the rest onto my kitchen floor. He also loves to make a mess of whatever he is eating. One morning he got a hold of Brayden's oatmeal while I was upstairs. He decided it would be more fun to wear it then to eat it. What a mess. Even though he makes a mess of my house and himself at least three times a day, I just can't help but love him! Those eyes, and a smile that lights up any room! Isn't 1 fun?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

What A Day!

Well, it's finally Friday, but that doesn't mean much this week. I am overloaded with schoolwork, and Brayden is sick. Factor in my attempts at "eating well", and I find that this Friday stinks. I am at home (probably for the weekend) with sick kids, a ton of homework, and no good food. To top it all off, one of my classes is a cooking class (I had to balance out math and psychology some how), and today alone I have made butterscotch brownies, chocolate cake, Peppermint bark, toffee, and an apple pie. It figures that I would finally get around to baking all of this yummy stuff, when I can't eat it. The bright side? The kids are in heaven!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ok, So I have taken WAY too long to post the exciting news that I have a new nephew! I have been wanting to blog about it, but I was having trouble getting access to a picture. Our beautiful new nephew is Cohen Dustin Vohs. He is absolutely adorable, and we are so sad that we haven't been able to see him in person or hold him yet. We can hardly wait! Congratulations Dustin and Lisa!

One Year Ago

I was sitting at the church tonight watching as our primary children practiced their primary program. That got me thinking about our last primary program. I was lucky enough to be in the primary presidency then, and I had just found out that I was being released to be called to be the president of the Young Womens organization. I was so sad to not be able to work with the sweet little children anymore. Looking back I can hardly believe that it has been a year! The time has flown by so quickly! As much as I miss the primary children, I absolutely love working with my amazing young women. I feel so blessed to be able to be around the amazing youth of our ward. The teach me everytime I am near them. I only hope that I give something back to them! Here is a little look at what my own beautiful children looked like about a year ago!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Sorry

I was with a group of friends today who not so subtly brought it to my attention that I do not update my blog enough. I made several excuses, mostly that I am too busy. I have to say that I could justify that comment, because I do work 15-20 hours a week, have a busy church calling, and I am taking three college classes right now, one of which is a math class. The busiest part of all is that I spend my days chasing three crazy little boys. Of course, I do find time for other non essential activities, so I have to ask, why is it that I don't keep up on my blog? I think the real answer is that my life just isn't exciting enough! What is there to say? Even now I am struggling to find anything to say that would be of any interest to the rest of you. None the less, I vow to try and be better! One funny tid bit, I was at a totally awesome baby shower today. It was really fun! Anyway, when I came home Jake asked "mom, how was the shower?", I answered, "It was fun Jake, thanks." I could just see the wheels in Brayden's little head turning. After a few moments of silence he looked up and asked "well mom, how was the drying?" You see Braydens favorite part of a shower is when he get's out and daddy gives him the "car wash" hair dry off. I can only imagine what Brayden must have thought when he heard I was going to a shower. I wonder, who do you suppose he thought I was "showering" with?