Saturday, October 4, 2008

So Sorry

I was with a group of friends today who not so subtly brought it to my attention that I do not update my blog enough. I made several excuses, mostly that I am too busy. I have to say that I could justify that comment, because I do work 15-20 hours a week, have a busy church calling, and I am taking three college classes right now, one of which is a math class. The busiest part of all is that I spend my days chasing three crazy little boys. Of course, I do find time for other non essential activities, so I have to ask, why is it that I don't keep up on my blog? I think the real answer is that my life just isn't exciting enough! What is there to say? Even now I am struggling to find anything to say that would be of any interest to the rest of you. None the less, I vow to try and be better! One funny tid bit, I was at a totally awesome baby shower today. It was really fun! Anyway, when I came home Jake asked "mom, how was the shower?", I answered, "It was fun Jake, thanks." I could just see the wheels in Brayden's little head turning. After a few moments of silence he looked up and asked "well mom, how was the drying?" You see Braydens favorite part of a shower is when he get's out and daddy gives him the "car wash" hair dry off. I can only imagine what Brayden must have thought when he heard I was going to a shower. I wonder, who do you suppose he thought I was "showering" with?


Mandi said...

Ok...that is funny Bray! That little dude cracks me up. And you do need to be btter! Do you think my life is all the interesting? I still post a few times a week! LOL

Jacqui said...

Ha! That's fantastic! Kids really do say the darnedest things. It was fun to get to visit for an extended period of time today that wasn't over a pew :) I've really got to get into the book club if all of you ladies are in it. Fun fun!