Sunday, October 19, 2008

A wonderful fall Friday!

The weather has been just beautiful here in Colorado for the past several days. Nana's birthday was on Thursday, and she was lucky enough to get away from the office on Friday! We were invited for a special birthday lunch with Nana at the park. Thank you mom, for choosing subway at the park over Macaroni grill. Macaroni grill might have had better food, but I am sure everyone had more fun at the park. The cousins had a great time running around in the sunshine. The moms had a great timing sitting in the sunshine not having to entertain the kids! Happy birthday mom, you are great! Thanks for a spectacular sunny afternoon!


Mandi said...

First of all, let me just start by saying hoe proud I am that you are keeping up your blog so well! That being said..I am behind in my comments. Log's piano pics are great, he looks like he may turn out to be a rock star. He is looking so old. And, as I said on Jenn's blog, I am jealous I wasn't there to enjoy that day at the park with all of you...soon enough though. We'll have to catch the celebration next year! Love you guys!

Whitney said...

I think Jake looks just like Chris in that picture! And I too, love all your new posts!! Your awesome!