Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly Boys

This morning I was feeling a bit stressed. I have two finals for school tonight, and so I was trying to get everything done, and maybe neglecting my kids a little. Jake was already at school, and Brayden and Logan had snuck upstairs. I could hear them in my room, and I started to get nervous. I called to Brayden and asked what he was doing. He replied "come see". Uh oh, trouble! I stormed up the stairs expected to find a major mess. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw two little pairs of feet intertwined, and heard sweet laughing. My bed was ripped apart, but my heart warmed at seeing my two little guys snuggling and enjoying a few precious moments together. How can you be mad when they look so sweet?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend!

Well, yesterday was my 31st Birthday. I expected it to go by without much of a celebration, but because I have an incredible husband, it turned out to be a wonderful weekend away. Around noon on Friday I received an "e-card" from my hubby telling me to pack my bags, that we would be leaving at 4:oo. I was totally surprised, and of course called him and started asking probing questions. He had everything planned, and wasn't about to tell me what the plan was. We dropped the kids off (thank you mom and dad and mom and dad s), and we were on our way. We ended up at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort (thank you Josh!) for a relaxing evening together. I just about died when I realized that the BYU football team was staying there too! We had a lovely evening, a leisurely Saturday morning, and then we met my fam at the Airforce Academy for the Airforce/BYU football game. BYU won, of course! After the game we enjoyed dinner with my parents, inlaws, and my three beautiful children. It was a wonderful birthday! I was so grateful for the much needed get away with Chris, and equally as grateful that I was dying to see my kids by the time we got back. Thank you Honey! You are truly wonderful!

So Funny!

As many of you know, The summer before last a friend of ours invited Jake and Brayden to be in a photo shoot for E-TOYS. Much to our surprise, Brayden was chosen to be the cover for the 2007 E-TOYS Catalog. Jake was devestated! Well, several weeks ago we got this years e-toys Christmas catalog in the mail, and there was Jake(in the lower right hand corner, profile shot). Not quite like Braydens solo cover, but Jake was thrilled. Chris and I just had to laugh, and for a moment all was right with the world!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A few nights ago we were reading scriptures with the boys. We were reading in Mosiah, were Alma and his people escape from the armies of King Noah. When we were finished Chris asked the boys, "who helped Alma and his people to escape?" Brayden looked thoughtful for a moment and then replied with complete sincerity "Buzz Lightyear!" We had a good chuckle, and I was left wondering if anything we try to teach the boys is sinking in. This morning Brayden fell and hit his knee. It took him a while to get up. I looked over and he was kneeling with his eyes closed. When he got up he said "Mom, I had to say a prayer to get help with my knee. Jesus can help us with anything we need." Wow! Maybe it is sinking in! These are my favorite moments as a mother! I love to see my boys testimonies become their own! We love you Brayden!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love fall! Fall is my favorite season, and as most of you know my favorite part of fall is Halloween. We absolutely love finding costumes, decorating the house, and of course trick or treating! Once again this year we decided on a family theme. Vampires! Of course I wanted to be a queen with my king and little princes, or even a princess with her knights. I would even have loved to be Cleopatra, but of course, as usual, I was out voted. I suppose that with four boys in the house, my chances of getting to be something truly girly are slim to none. Oh well, I think my boys were adorable, I mean scary, vampires. We had a great day. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I was thrilled to spend the evening with my little blood suckers! Sorry for the plethora of pictures, but I just couldn't resist!