Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love fall! Fall is my favorite season, and as most of you know my favorite part of fall is Halloween. We absolutely love finding costumes, decorating the house, and of course trick or treating! Once again this year we decided on a family theme. Vampires! Of course I wanted to be a queen with my king and little princes, or even a princess with her knights. I would even have loved to be Cleopatra, but of course, as usual, I was out voted. I suppose that with four boys in the house, my chances of getting to be something truly girly are slim to none. Oh well, I think my boys were adorable, I mean scary, vampires. We had a great day. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I was thrilled to spend the evening with my little blood suckers! Sorry for the plethora of pictures, but I just couldn't resist!


Mandi said...

SOOOOO handsome. Brayden makes a truly stunning little vampire. And Logan is entirely too cute to be called a "blood sucker". They all looked great! Can't eait to celebrate WITH you next year!

Elizabeth said...

They all look great. You do such a great job with the costumes. Queen of the Vampires isn't to bad, one of these years maybe they will throw you a bone and give in to something you want, but probably not. I'm glad you had a great Halloween, now onto planning next years costumes, right?

Whitney said...

My favorite is the one of Brayden (I think) asleep in his carseat. Teeth and all!! Too cute. What cute little vampires you guys have.