Monday, November 24, 2008

Silly Boys

This morning I was feeling a bit stressed. I have two finals for school tonight, and so I was trying to get everything done, and maybe neglecting my kids a little. Jake was already at school, and Brayden and Logan had snuck upstairs. I could hear them in my room, and I started to get nervous. I called to Brayden and asked what he was doing. He replied "come see". Uh oh, trouble! I stormed up the stairs expected to find a major mess. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw two little pairs of feet intertwined, and heard sweet laughing. My bed was ripped apart, but my heart warmed at seeing my two little guys snuggling and enjoying a few precious moments together. How can you be mad when they look so sweet?


Jacqui said...

I looked at the time that you posted and expected it to be something about the dance party you were having :)

Good luck on your finals!

Erika said...

Good luck with your finals! I love when they play nice together. Brayden is a sweet big brother.

Mandi said...

Yeah, that is pretty dang sweet. Hope your finals went well.