Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Funny!

As many of you know, The summer before last a friend of ours invited Jake and Brayden to be in a photo shoot for E-TOYS. Much to our surprise, Brayden was chosen to be the cover for the 2007 E-TOYS Catalog. Jake was devestated! Well, several weeks ago we got this years e-toys Christmas catalog in the mail, and there was Jake(in the lower right hand corner, profile shot). Not quite like Braydens solo cover, but Jake was thrilled. Chris and I just had to laugh, and for a moment all was right with the world!


Whitney said...

Too funny! How exciting for them. Did they receive enough $$$ to be put aside for their college tuition?! We've often thought about little photo shoot couldn't hurt, right???

erinka said...

I actually know someone in a magazine! Now I can't be snobby about people in magazines! :)

Mandi said...

Man, I love those little guys!