Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Miss Daddy!

We miss Daddy! Unfortunately Chris has had to travel a lot for work lately. He was in Chicago last week, came home Friday night, and left this morning for yet another week in Chicago. He will be in Chicago again next week, and then he will spend pretty much the whole month of January out of the country. We really miss Daddy! I am trying hard to be a good mom. This week we made a gingerbread house. Actually, I tried to keep Brayden and Logan from eating all of the candy, so that Jake could decorate the gingerbread house. Now all three boys are hoping it falls apart so they can eat it (yuck!). The truth is, no matter how many places we go, or how many activities we do, it just isn't the same without Daddy! We love and miss you Chris!


Elizabeth said...

It definitely is hard without a husband and daddy around. I remember all too well from last year. You'll do great, even though it is hard to be both mommy and daddy all the time.Keep your sights on the weekend. Cute picture of the family! We're going to try to tackle the gingerbread house tomorrow-turned out great!

Jacqui said...

Cute house. Did you make the gingerbread yourself?

It was good to see chris for a minute or two as he breezed into the activity of Friday. Good luck!

Whitney said...

That is a darling family picture of you all! And I feel for you - I bet you totally missing your hubby! I guess you do what you have to do sometimes. That will just make the weekends that much better. Time apart makes the heart grow fonder, right? Hang in there!