Sunday, February 15, 2009


This week my "Baby" had surgery. Logan has had constant ear infections since he was only a few weeks old. On Wednesday he had tubes put in his ears. Although it was minor out patient surgery, as a mother it is always hard to see your baby in the hospital. Chris took the day off so we could take Logan together, but Jake got sick, so Chris had to stay home, and I took him on my own. Logan was great! The anesthesiologist was an hour late, so we spent two and a half hours in a tiny curtained in area. Logan couldn't eat or drink, so he was feeling a bit rough. Every time a nurse came in to check on us Logan would look up and ask "shake-shake?". Shake-shake is what he calls strawberry milk, and he drinks it within minutes of waking each morning. It was a stressful few hours, but we made it. We are hopeful that Logan will now be happier and healthier. I am so thankful he came through everything well.

Birthday Boys

Somehow we have managed to have birthdays that are close together in our family. Jake and Logan's birthdays are only a day apart, and Chris and Brayden's birthdays are four days apart. It is always a bit tricky to make sure that everyone's birthdays get celebrated the way that they want. This time was no exception. We had a fabulous family birthday for Brayden on his actual birthday. Brayden picked a Diego theme, so we had a diego cake, as weill as vines hanging from the ceiling with balloons attached. We played a Diego game, and decofrated bages with Diego stickers. The pinata was a highlight, and I think fun was had by all. On Chris' birthday we had a nice dinner out with family, and enjoyed a birthday cake with 30 candles! The boys were sure we were going to burn the house down! I loved the opportunity to celebrate how wonderful my boys are. Brayden is a little boy with a very big personality, and we couldn't love him more. I am so grateful for Chris as a husband, a father, and my best friend. Happy birthday boys! I love you!