Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Batman/Backyardigans Bash!

Jake and Logan's BIrthday's may only be a day apart, but the boys are 5 years apart. That means that although they may share a birthday party, we still need 2 themes. Jake chose Batman, and Logan picked Backyardigans. We had a wonderful family party on Friday night, and Jake enjoyed a small swimming party on Saturday. We are so thankful for the family and friends who helped us to celebrate these two amazing kids. Happy Birthday Boys!


Erika said...

Your cakes are amazing! AMAZING!

Whitney said...

Happy birthday to them both! Yep, you are way to creative with cakes. You should really do them on side!! And yes, we ARE getting old even though it doesn't feel like it to us ... and our kids are way too old too :)

Mandi said...

So cute. So sad we missed it. Looked like a rockin party! How come all your pictures are on their own posts?