Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Babies!

My Babies are growing up! Jake turned 7 on Saturday, and Logan turned 2 on Sunday. I can hardly believe how much they have changed in these past 2 years. Jake has gone from a little boy just getting ready to start school to a "big boy" about to start 2nd grade. He has new front teeth, several inches of growth, a new attitude, and so many new skills! He reads, he writes, he rides a bike, and I can hardly believe how much my baby has grown. As I watch Jake learn so many new things, I realize just how fast the time is flying by. Before I know it my little boy will be a young man. I love you Jake!

Chris is constantly reminding me that Logan is not a "baby" anymore. He will always be my baby! Even so, I realize that he is growing up. His attitude says it all! He is 2, and there is no going back. Logan is smart, fun, and oh so sassy. We love him so much! We just wouldn't be complete without him. Happy Birthday Logan!

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