Sunday, November 1, 2009


It was August when I started lobbying my sweet husband for the chance to be something "pretty" for Halloween. Being the mother of three boys I usually end up being something scary or gross in order to fit the family theme. Chris told me I could choose what he and I would be this year, and we decided that the boys could be whatever they wanted. After a bit of looking around for a costume that would fit my ever growing belly, I decided I wanted to be a 1920's flapper, and Chris could be my gangster. When the boys heard our idea they decided that they all wanted to be gangsters. We had a great time as a gangster family, guns and all. Brayden insisted that I was not a flapper, but rather a "gangster girlfriend" with 4 boy friends! So much fun. I do love Halloween!

An October Snow Storm

Three days before Halloween in Colorado means it could be 70 degrees, or you could have 18 inches of snow on the ground. This year we had the latter. Jake enjoyed a day off of school, Daddy spent a lot of time shoveling, mommy got the car stuck, and we drank a lot of hot cocoa! It wouldn't have been my first choice, but we did enjoy some time hangin' out as a family!


Chris and I used to spend hours carving intricate pumpkins each October. Now we try to make it through one hour of carving pumpkins with three little ones who all want something different, and want to do it all themselves! Daddy was a trooper this year, and patiently helped each child design and carve a very simple jack-0-lantern. Everyone was happy, and very proud when we lit them on Halloween night. You are the best Daddy!