Sunday, November 1, 2009


It was August when I started lobbying my sweet husband for the chance to be something "pretty" for Halloween. Being the mother of three boys I usually end up being something scary or gross in order to fit the family theme. Chris told me I could choose what he and I would be this year, and we decided that the boys could be whatever they wanted. After a bit of looking around for a costume that would fit my ever growing belly, I decided I wanted to be a 1920's flapper, and Chris could be my gangster. When the boys heard our idea they decided that they all wanted to be gangsters. We had a great time as a gangster family, guns and all. Brayden insisted that I was not a flapper, but rather a "gangster girlfriend" with 4 boy friends! So much fun. I do love Halloween!


Jacqui said...

That was so clever. Where did you ever find the gangster costumes for the kiddos?

And you're a cute pregnant flapper :) Scandalous!

Mandi said...

I am so glad you guys had fun...and I am a little bit jealous you dressed up so cute....and I wore a t-shirt. lol
You all looked great!

Whitney said...

I actually look forward every year to see what you all dressed up as for Halloween - we think about you so much at this time of year. We remember how much you love it!

And I had no idea you were pregnant again! Congratulations!! When are you due? I'll hope for a little girly girl!!