Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 year olds

Don't you just love three year olds? They are constantly exploring, testing their boundaries, learning new things. The other day I was trying to get Logan to help pick up the mess he had made. me "Logan, please put the toys in the bin" Logan "but mama I can't!" Me "why not?" Logan "because I am allergic to picking up". All I could do was laugh. I just love my three year old!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I Love Halloween

How do I love Halloween, let me count the ways... Theres decorations and costumes and parties and cookies... I could go on! For the first time ever Chris and I decided that rather than force family themed costumes on our opinionated young ones we would let them choose what they wanted to be. The three older boys chose to be Ninjas(so not exciting for mom). Since Gavin isn't old enough to assert a position I chose a costume for him. Chris was the Wizard of Oz, I was Dorothy, and Gavin was the Cowardly Lion. It was great fun!!! Can't wait to design costumes for next year!