Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of school

Well, it's that time of the year again. Mom is giddy, the kids are grumpy. It is time to go back to school! Though I know they hate it, I am glad my boys let me get a few photos. I let them choose the poses, hence the car pic and long faces. I hope it will be a school year to remember! I am so proud of my little men!

Summer fun

For me, one of the summers highlights was spending time with my Mom and Dad. I was able to help them cater a couple of weddings, which meant for very long, but rewarding weekends. I am so amazed by my parents. They continue to teach me so many things. They are an incredible example of love and compassion. They are quick to serve others, especially me! They endure physical trials with grace, never complaining or losing hope. Every time I see my parents together, I am reminded just how much they love each other. I feel so blessed to have parents who not only love each other, but have always made it clear to their children how in love they are. Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!

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The boys both had a fantastic 2010-2011 school year. These are just a few of the special moments that I captures via cell phone. I am sure they will always remember Mrs. Kaplan and Mrs. Wenze, and all of the fun they had. What a blessing it is to have great teachers!

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Lily's baptism

My niece Lily was baptized this summer. I had the privilege of being her photographer in her beautiful white dress. It was a special occasion for me because lily chose to be baptized in the white dress my mother had made for me when I was baptized, also at the age of eight. The cousins sang, and it was a wonderful evening. Congratulations Lily, for taking this

step toward your future.

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Another school year gone!

It was hard for me to believe that another school year had come and gone, now we are three weeks into the new school year and I am trying to catch up. We enjoyed all of the end of the year activities. Jake and Brayden especially enjoyed field day, who wouldn't! Logan participated in an end of the year preschool program, were he helped to celebrate the graduation of three cousins who will be going to kindergarten next year. We are so proud of all of our boys. It is hard to believe how fast the time is flying. We are loving (almost) every minute of it!

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A special visit!

As many if you may remember, Chris spent several weeks in India a few years back for work. This past weekend we had the opportunity to have one of the great people he met there come for a visit. Nanda instantly felt like one of the family. She didn't even run away screaming when my four children, along with their eight cousins, came over to hang out. We went bowling, had a party, when to Garden of the Gods, and of course cooked and enjoyed lots of great Indian food. Gavin especially enjoyed the afternoon that Nanda decided to share her chocolate bar.

We feel so lucky to have such an amazing friend! Thanks to our friends and family for helping to welcome Nanda to Colorado!

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Cub scouts!

I suppose I should have been expecting the call when it came. A mother of four boys should plan on spending many years of her life as a cub scout leader. Lucky me, my years have begun! I was called to be the bears den leader just in time for Jake to become a bear. We will have lots of fun together. In this less Than great picture we are both sporting our cub scout attire, as Jake receives his wolf. We are very proud of Him for achieving this goal. We love you Jake!

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