Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Amazing week

The day after my Halloween post we all woke up early for a very exciting day! You see, thanks to my amazing in laws we had been planning a trip to Disney World for several months. The best part was that we managed to keep it all a secret from the kids. We got up early Saturday morning, and I could hardly contain my excitement. I was excited about the trip, but even more so I was thrilled by the thought of giving this gift of surprise to my children. I was nearly in tears by the time I woke them up. I had packed a backpack for each child to take on the plane. The backpacks held "clues" as to our plans for the day. The biggest clue was a T-shirt of Mickey Mouse on the front, complete with each child's name, and the caption, "my first Disney Experience". As I watched Jake and Brayden open their backpacks tears streamed down my cheeks. Then I realized they didn't seem to be getting it, because they certainly weren't jumping up and down. Finally Jake started crying. Tears of joy? No, he had figured out that we were leaving for Disney World, and his reaction was worry because he was going to be missing school. Brayden said he was excited, but wondered why he had to get up so early. It was definitely not the moment I had pictured so many times. I was mad! Luckily the rest of the trip was a lot more exciting!

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