Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disney Day Five

Unfortunately Gavin started acting a bit unhappy on day four, and was really unhappy by the time we got home from our late night halloween party. Chris and I spent the morning driving around from urgent care to urgent care looking for a place that had less than a four hour wait. Meanwhile everyone else packed up and headed for a leisurely day at Epcot Center. With a diagnosis of ear infection, and a few drugs later we caught up with them. The big boys thoroughly enjoyed the race track, and everyone seemed to enjoy the finding Nemo ride and exhibits. I got to take the kids on my childhood favorites including "journey to imagination", or the figment ride as we always called it, and we even saw "Captain EO" in 3D. Classic! It was so fun to make new memories with my kiddos while reliving my childhood.

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Whitney said...

What a fun trip! I have never been to Disney-WORLD before. I am sure those kids will remember it for years to come! It was so good to visit with you!!